4 Easy Tips To Help You Lose Weight After 40

Sally Leslie
4 min readNov 28, 2019


In the world of the celebrity and glossy magazines, you see the “perfect” body in airbrushed pictures. It might seem like a distant dream, but it is possible to lose weight after 40 years old and keep it off.

When you are young, the pressure seems to be even more intense to find tips on how to lose weight. You might try everything possible to achieve perfection.

But as you get older, your aspirations become far more realistic. You have a more mature perspective of your body. This maturity helps you make credible reality checks in your everyday life.

By now, you know what does and doesn’t work. You have gained weight, and you have lost weight over many years. Your body has the stretch marks to prove it!

Start by listening to your body. You can then make the correct changes that fit into your lifestyle. You can lose weight after 40, and some ways are surprisingly easy.

Tip #1 Drink More Water

According to the Modified MyPyramid For Older Adults created by researchers at Tufts University, water is essential for health and to help maintain a healthy weight.

When you are older, your sense of thirst can sometimes decline. Also, certain medicines can cause your body to dehydrate.

Additionally, if you have increased your fibre intake to help lose weight, you also need to drink more water. Drinking more water helps to regulate your body as water absorbs fibre.

Drinking 3–5 glasses of water on average, every day, is recommended by Nutritionists.

An easy way to check if you are drinking enough water is to look at your urine. It should be pale yellow. Start drinking more water if it is bright yellow or dark yellow.

Tip #2 Change Your Exercise Routine

Do you feel tired instead of rejuvenated after your weekly exercises?

If this is you, then start thinking about changing your routine. Alternative exercises, such as walking and yoga, can provide a full-body workout with less stress on the body.

· Walking can be done anytime, anywhere, for free. Start with a 15-minute walk each day and gradually build the time up.

· If you are not ready to join a class, yoga can be easily done at home via a video on the internet. It is a progressive exercise, which means you can improve over time.

A new study published in the JAMA Network Open also found that becoming physically active in later life can create many health benefits as well as losing weight.

Tip #3 Sleep Like A Baby To Lose Weight

Research funded by the National Institutes of Health, on people with an average age of 41, found having less sleep when dieting resulted in an incredible 55% decrease in weight loss.

With a statistic like that, you have nothing to lose by planning some earlier nights or have a few-lie ins if you can.

Not only can extra sleep help you lose weight after 40, but it can also give your overall body some well-needed rest.

It is hard for some people to fall asleep, especially as sleep patterns tend to change when you are older.

Try these teas to help you relax before you go to bed.

· Chamomile

· Lavender

· Peppermint

· Valerian tea

Tip #4 Decrease Your Alcohol Intake

Alcohol is full of sugar and calories. Fact. Needless to say, when you start having the occasional drink every night, it can all add up to a considerable intake of sugar.

As your metabolism starts to slow down as you get older, it means your body finds it harder to burn calories.

Try it and see the difference. Stop drinking alcohol for one month and notice the weight drop off. Not only will you lose weight, but you will find you have more energy and brighter skin.

There is a multitude of benefits from decreasing your alcohol intake. If you are feeling bold, you could try stopping altogether. It can simply be life-changing.

In Conclusion

You can lose weight after 40 years old and still lead a happy and healthy life. But it is essential that you are realistic with your goals and how are you living.

Start assessing your current lifestyle and take immediate action.

· Start drinking more water each day.

· Pick gentle exercises over high-energy workouts.

· Go to bed earlier or schedule a few lie-ins.

· Stop drinking alcohol for a week/month and notice the benefits.

Make an effort to make the best lifestyle choices, so you lose weight and lead a healthier life.

Age is only a number. But you need to make sure that you treat your body with respect. Give your body the love that it needs and start reaping the rewards instantly!



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