4 Reasons Why Case Studies Are Powerful Tools In Business

Dazzle Your Customers

Sally Leslie
4 min readJun 7, 2021
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Case studies are incredible instruments to get customers excited and ready to buy. Nearly 90% of customers like to read customer success reviews before making a purchasing decision. It’s like opening up a sealed vault and finding beautiful gold inside. It’s attractive, your customer wants it, and they feel intrigued. You have your customer on the hook.

Case studies use clever formulas because they work.

You want to showcase your business or service and scream it from the rooftops. But you don’t want to come across the same as everybody else. You can’t offer the same boring concept that everyone has done before. Or, yawn, snoozefest time for your customers yet again.

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1. Showcase the Problem and the Perfect Solution

Before a customer commits, they want to know the real you. Can you give them what they want? Will your product or service help them? Forget about what your competitors are doing. You want to showcase yourself. Now is the time for you to shine as something that your customers want.

It can be tricky getting customers this excited, but case studies can do it.

The case study highlights the problems that the customer is experiencing. Then it offers the perfect solution by showing how it helps them. Why would they want to go anywhere else? Your solution works. Bingo! The deal is in the bag. Get ready to do your happy victory lap.

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2. No More Bots, Create Real Connections Instead

In a world of social media excitement and hype, customers can become jaded and ultra cynical. Lose weight, feel happier, find more time, live the best version of yourself, be better than you are. You get my drift. The algorithms make it more intense for customers when they receive constant ads.

Customers are not stupid, but companies sometimes forget this when they create campaigns.

Case studies can give potential customers real solutions from real people. A customer enjoys reading a true success story. It helps them to understand the effectiveness of the product or service. Always opt for real customer success stories. It can be the last gentle push a customer needs to get on board.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou

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3. Make an Impact on Your Niche

Online reviews work well, but case studies can elevate your business further. You can power up your business networking by sharing your case studies. Everybody likes to read about a customer success story. You will have your way of dealing with problems, compared to your competitors.

Let your business specialities stand out in your case studies.

What do you do? What makes your business so unique? Use this information to your advantage and cover your pros in the case study. You can become known as a “specialist” in your niche when you get it right.

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4. Hello Target Market

We all know that targeting the right market is going to make you successful. A case study does this as if by magic. You are addressing a common problem with your target audience. Then you are showing customers a viable solution to fix that annoying problem.

You are tapping into your target audience like never before.

Your target audience will love you for your customer success stories. So much so, they will be open to giving their own success story as well. Don’t forget to keep the case studies coming. Also, if you only want to showcase three on your site, you can still update them to keep them fresh.

In Summary

It’s not difficult or expensive to leverage the power of case studies for your business. It can create a whole new exciting space for lead generation for your business. Remember to follow the correct formula to give your customers what they need.

  • Highlight the problem and give the best solution.
  • Use real customer success stories to create your case studies.
  • Showcase your special skills.
  • Connect better with your target market.

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