5 Easy Ways For Freelance Writers To Stay Productive

Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing

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It’s easy as a writer to get caught up in the drama of deadlines and daily life. You can be super organised and have a razor-sharp mind. But sometimes, there are days when your high work ethic doesn’t match up with your day.

Deadline curveballs can come flying at you from every direction.

So what can you do when this happens? Not panic for a start :) Luckily, there are several things you can do to get yourself back on track. You don’t have to worry about your creative juices drying up. Start using these tips so you can keep enjoying writing nirvana.

#1 The Wake-Up Walk

When you work from home, it’s very easy to slip into a hermit-like existence. It’s easy for us writers to get caught up in the moment. You can be busy typing away and become very introverted.

You need to remove yourself from your keyboard and head outside.

You will know when to do this, as distractions will appear from the strangest of places. A distant dog barking. A gust of wind. The sound of an ant walking! You didn’t notice them before, so why are they there now?

It’s your sign to take a break.

Go food shopping, walk to a friends house, walk the dog, or go for a stroll. All you have to do is get outside, stretch your legs and rest your eyes. Your brain can take a well-earned rest.

You will come back inspired and with new ideas. You know, those ideas that were out of reach, but you knew they were there. You’ll sit down at your desk and will more than likely rattle off a quick 200 words. Nice!

#2 Control Your Editing Demon

You probably know what I am about to write. How many times have you written something and then had an editing frenzy? Sometimes it can make you question your whole piece of content. Editmania!

It’s nothing to do with confidence. It’s all to do with timing.

Get ready to change the way you work forever. Never, I repeat, never, edit while you are writing. Sure, everybody has a style of writing. But if you want to save valuable time and be more productive, edit when you have finished writing.

You can look at the whole piece and be far more critical.

Editing as you write can make you a lot slower. Start by getting into your zone, and then start writing. You don’t need to complicate this process. You are a writer, and you love writing, so write. When you have finished writing your content, grab a fresh drink and then sit down to edit.

Work smarter, not harder!

#3 Use Your Power Move

Clients get busy and need your help. You will get some curveballs pinging your way. You’re not Roger Federer, so anything you can do to counter them will help. Finding your best time to write can help you deal with these unexpected extra deadlines.

Try writing at different times of the and day and night until you find your peak writing time.

Everybody has a time of day or night that works best for them when it comes to writing. Have you found yours yet? You won’t know what it is until you try it. But you will know, as it will feel 100% right.

Your optimum writing time is the ultimate productivity hack.

Freelance writing has many benefits. The flexibility of managing your time is powerful. Writing at your preferred time will also help you create better content. Use this power move to make your writing life easier for you. Your body, mind, and bank balance will thank you for it.

#4 Pick The Best Time Management System For You

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of time management apps out there. I have found that every single one has its pros and cons. There is so much choice, and there is something out there for everybody.

You need to pick a time management system that matches you.

The Pomodoro technique, created by Francesco Cirillo, is a popular choice. The name comes from the Italian for tomato and the timer that Franceso used as a student at University.

You can use a Pomodoro to break your work into different intervals. Each section is usually 25 minutes.

Or perhaps you have a different system that works for you. It could be as simple as setting the alarm on your mobile. Or you might prefer to take regular little breaks. There is no right way to manage your time, so use a system that makes you feel comfortable.

#5 Read

Stephen King said, “Reading is the creative center of a writer’s life.” He is 100% right. If you are a writer, reading should be like second nature to you. It can fuel your imagination to think at higher levels.

Reading can introduce you to new ideas, styles of writing and productivity.

If you have hit a block, sit down somewhere quiet and grab a book. Throw yourself into it. You need to read it and feel it. Disconnect yourself from the world outside. Then you can immerse yourself into the writer’s world.

Read anything and everything. There are no limits to opening your mind.

Give it at least 30 minutes, and you will feel mentally refreshed. You can then head back to your keyboard, relax, and begin. Before you know it, you will have whacked out several hundred words.


Writing is fun. It is one of the most creative fields out there. When you are a freelance writer, you are lucky to do a job you love. Effective time management is the icing on the cake. It can make you more productive with your writing.

You can maintain your beautiful waterfall of creativity.

These ideas above should help you handle your writing time in a better way. You can write when and how you want and smash those client deadlines. You’ll feel accomplished, relaxed, and excited to write. Get ready to own that keyboard!



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